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Re: Mixing 32-bit and 64-bit DWARF2/3 sections

On Mon, 2004-11-08 at 15:45, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> Only Irix 5 and Irix 6 use the SGI DWARF format.  mips64-linux has been
> using the standard DWARF3 format for a long while.

Ah, you are right.  I was misreading the gcc sources I was looking at.

So the mips64-linux port defaults to the standard DWARF3 64-bit dwarf
debug info format, even though there seems to be no reason to use the
64-bit DWARF3 debug format here.  If we aren't going to be compatible
with SGI, then we may as well emit 32-bit DWARF3, and only emit 64-bit
DWARF3 if we need it, which will be very unlikely.  This is what all
other targets do.  The unnecessary use of the 64-bit debug info here is
making debug info, and object files, larger than necessary.  Since you
are already using standard DWARF3 here, changing can perhaps be done
without creating a visible ABI change.

It is simpler to leave things the way they already are though, and ask
mips64-openbsd to conform to the mips64-linux choices.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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