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Re: windres RC codepage

Vlada Macek wrote:

> I peeked on the windres source and I'm really not sure what causes the
> different behavior between Czech and Swedish Windows. What is the least
> painful way for us to get this to work? Is it possible that the codepage
> transcoding routines in windres are missing or not completed for these
> cases? I believed that the aforementioned directive was sufficient and
> the windres should transcode characters based only on this information.
> Is that true?
> Or is it a matter of installing Czech "locale" from Microsoft on that
> Swedish Windows? But the maintainer does not wish to install on his
> computer every "locale" in which his program will be localized. It would
> really be an overkill.

There might be somebody who knows something about this specifically, but
if there isn't, it would really help to solve the problem if you could
narrow down the actual behavior.  In particular, create a minimal
testcase, and verify one case windres compiles it correctly, and one
case where it doesn't.  I'd be willing to help with that if you need
someone to run a test program.  In addition, if possible, check that
against the behavior of Microsoft's RC and see if they have the same

This sort of thing should work, but I wouldn't be suprised if there are
problems, especially if wide characters are involved.

Aaron W. LaFramboise

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