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Re: [PATCH] MAXQ port binutils-2_15

Hi Inderpreet,

I got the Idea and am posting the patch for MAXQ form the mainline.

This patch also includes all the testcases.

Thanks for doing this. I have applied your patch, although I had to fix up a lot of formatting issues. Probably as a result of this some of the new MAXQ specific GAS and LD tests are failing. I hope that you will find time to investigate these failures and submit patches to fix them.

Vineet Sharma <>

* config,sub : Add new target maxq-coff


        * coff-maxq.c: New File.
        * cpu-maxq.c: New File.
        * archures.c (bfd_maxq_arch): Added.
        * bfd_in2.h (bfd_architecture): Added support for maxq target.
        * coffcode.h: Likewise.
        * config.bfd: Likewise.
        * (maxqcoff_vec): New target vector.
        * targets.c: Likewise.


* Added support for new target maxq-coff.

	* tc-maxq.c: New file.
	* tc-maxq.h: New file.


	* (emaxqcoff.o, emaxqcoff.c>: new entries for
maxq-coff target added.
	* Likewise.
	* emulparams/ New File.
	* scripttempl/ New linker script for target maxq.


* maxq-dis.c: New file.
* disassemble.c (ARCH_all): Define ARCH_maxq
(disassembler): added 'print_insn_maxq_little'
for handling printing for ARCH_maxq.
* Add case for bfd_maxq_arch.
* configure: Same.

	* coff/maxq.h: New file added.
	* opcodes/maxq.h: New file added.	

Approved and applied.

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