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Re: [PING] Windows PECOFF weak symbol fixes for *-mingw32 and *-cygwin

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for taking the time to complete a detailed review.  I've
addressed your comments below, and attached a revised patch.

Thanks very much.

> 2004-11-05  Aaron W. LaFramboise <>
> bfd
> 	* coff-i386.c (coff_i386_reloc): Fix weak symbols.
>	* cofflink.c (_bfd_coff_link_input_bfd): Don't process
>	C_NT_WEAK aux entries.
>	(_bfd_coff_generic_relocate_section): Handle undefined
>	aliases.
>	* doc/binutils.texi (nm): Update.
>	* symbols.c (any_external_name): Define.
>	(resolve_symbol_value): Do not convert weak symbols.
>	(S_SET_EXTERNAL): Support any_external_name.
>	(S_SET_NAME): Qualify parameter const.
>	(symbol_equated_reloc_p): Don't equate weaks when relocating.
>	* symbols.h (S_SET_NAME): Qualfiy parameter const.
>	* tc.h (any_external_name): Declare.
>	* config/obj-coff.c ("coff/pe.h"): Include for BFD
>	assemblers also.
>	(weak_is_altname): Declare and define.
>	(weak_name2altname): Same.
>	(weak_altname2name): Same.
>	(weak_uniquify): Same.
>	(weak_altprefix): Define.
>	(obj_coff_weak): Change .weak syntax and handling.
>	(coff_frob_symbol): Fix PE weak symbol alternates.
>	* config/obj-coff.h (USE_UNIQUE): Define.
>	* config/tc-i386.c (md_apply_fix3): Assume weak symbols
>	are in another segment.
>	(tc_gen_reloc): Remove broken addend hack.
>	doc/as.texinfo: Update.
>	* testsuite/ld-scripts/weak.exp: Enable test on PE,
>	XFAIL non-i386 PE.
>	* testsuite/ld-undefined/weak-undef.exp: Enable test on PE,
>	XFAIL non-i386 PE.
>	* testsuite/lib/ld-lib.exp (is_pecoff_format): New.

Approved and applied.


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