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Lazy binding of virtual table entries?

We have problems with slow application startup.

We have a rather large application, about 2 million lines of code, in about 80 shared libraries.
I have found out with LD_DEBUG that relocation of virtual table entries in the shared libraries takes
place at the start up. This is now taking several seconds. According to LD_DEBUG, all the
other function bindings are performed lazily.

- Is there a way to bind also the virtual table entries lazily?
- Alternatively, is there a way to prelink the executable so that the virtual table entries
are resolved at link time without linking the whole app statically to one huge binary?

We are using Solaris 2.8 on Sparc with gcc 3.3.2 configured for gnu ld and gnu as.
Our binutils version is We are prepared to consider updating our tool set to
resolve this problem, though.

We are compiling with -fPIC. There are no other switches affecting code generation.

There is some background information below

Each module in a library typically defines a new class which is derived from one of our
base classes. Base classes may have almost 100 methods so we end up having
a virtual table referencing to these base class methods in each application module.

The executable has no objects of its own. It is just a bunch of shared libraries linked together.


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