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Re: mipsel-linux and --export-dynamic

On Thu, Nov 04, 2004 at 05:00:53PM +0100, Thomas Lopatic wrote:
> I cannot verify this right now, but it may very well be the case that 
> not all symbols got exported. I just noticed that a lot of the 
> externally visible symbols were in the dynamic symbol table. And I 
> concluded that the linker was behaving as if "--export-dynamic" had been 
> specified. (I used "ld" directly, not via the GCC driver.)

Please - do not do this!  GCC knows a great deal about how to invoke
ld; if you need to pass extra options it will let you do that too.
Most of the frequently reported bugs involving dynamic symbols, shared
libraries, et cetera are cured by letting the GCC driver do its work.

> I've had a look at the documentation for version scripts and for the 
> visibility attribute and for me version scripts will be the way to go in 
> this case.

You will get marginally better performance if the compiler does this
rather than a version script.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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