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Re: [arm] EABI annotation of thumb symbols.

On Thu, 2004-11-04 at 14:19, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

> I've actually implemented the alternative suggested in a document
> someone (you?  Phil?) posted to the EABI list at some point, in which
> GOT entries point back into the proper PLT stub.  This supports
> entering shared libraries in Thumb mode on V4T.  However, I'm quite
> willing to ditch that part of the patch, and try to implement
> generating ARM entry points instead.

Another problem with the v4T interworking clean solution is that it
relies on an instruction that isn't available on V4 or earlier.

That means that the linker *HAS* to know what system it is targeting. 
The v5 solution (with shared libraries entered on v4T in ARM state)
avoids that problem and gives a PLT sequence which will work on all

And of course, all the solutions we discussed privately for supporting
pre-linking were at best a bit cludgy, and at worst, outright hacks
(unless you came up with another solution to that problem).


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