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Re: Rearrange the ARM backend

On Tue, 2004-11-02 at 16:38, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> This patch inlines elf32-arm.h into elfarm-oabi.c and elfarm-nabi.c,
> and renames the latter to elf32-arm.c for consistency with other
> targets.  The only other changes are to the build system (to use the
> new name) and to the copyright dates at the tops of the files (updated
> to include the list from elf32-arm.h).
> Tested using arm-elf and arm-oabi; both build, but the tests for
> arm-oabi can't be run before or after.  This is mostly because GAS
> defaults to new abi unless -moabi is explicitly specified, so it can't
> assemble anything.  There's a similar problem in binutils/.  I'm
> confident this problem was already there before, and gas does appear to
> work with -moabi (but I didn't check to see what state the results were
> in).
> I didn't try any of the possible cleanups; the biggest one would be to
> remove all checks of OLD_ARM_ABI in elf32-arm.c.  USE_REL could go away
> too (although, CodeSourcery has a port that uses RELA for historical
> reasons, so... but at least it's not oabi!).
> OK?  Any different preferences on how the inlining should be done?

Nick has just approved going straight to deletion of the OABI code. 
Would you mind cooking up a patch that did that instead.


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