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Re: [PING] Windows PECOFF weak symbol fixes for *-mingw32 and *-cygwin

Hi Aaron,

Can someone please look at
<>?  It
reworks my initial weak symbol implementation and fixes a few problems I
found with it.  I'm quite happy about this revised implementation.

Sorry - it was my fault that I forgot to review this patch.

I am afraid that there are several problems with it however:

* The arm-wince-pe, arm-epoc-pe and mcore-pe targets do not build after applying this patch. This is because USE_UNIQUE is only defined for the i386 port in obj-coff.h but the code in weak_uniqify() uses any_external_name regardless of whether USE_UNIQUE is defined or not.

* If this problem is fixed (by defining USE_UNIQUE for all TE_PE targets) then there is still a problem in that new linker testsuite failures are introduced for those targets.

* The new code does not follow the GNU Coding conventions. In particular functions should be declared with their return type on one line followed by the function name on the next line.

* The patch to bfd/coff-i386.c creates a local variable called 'howto' but does not use it.

* The change to the documentation in gas/doc/as.texinfo removes the fact that supporting non-alias weak symbols for PE is a GNU extension.

* The change to ld-undefined/weak-undef.exp ought to make use of the newly defined is_pecoff_format proc.

Otherwise the patch seems reasonable. So if you would care to fix the above problems and resubmit it, I will try my best not to forget it this time.


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