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Re: Obsoleting elfarm-oabi [was Re: PATCH: Reduce size of SymbianOSDLLs]

Hi Richard,

Let's try and bring this to a rational conclusion.

We have three possible courses of action

1. Obsolete elfarm-oabi.c, but change nothing for now

2.  Obsolete elfarm-oabi.c and split the code common with the current
ABI into separate files.

3. Skip obsoleting elfarm-oabi.c and proceed straight to deletion.

So my opinion is that we should go straight to option 3.  The 'risk' is
minimal, and if it does materialise we could push back by insisting
somebody else step forward to maintain that specific code if it is
resurrected: once it is separate from the current ARM code that is far
more feasible.

Nick, of course, has a veto; but he doesn't have to use it...

True, but I think that I favour option 2. We have a mechanism for obsoleting targets and I think that we should use it. I seriously doubt if anyone will even notice this target being obsoleted but I do not think that we should rush into deleting it just so that we can simplify the ARM code today.

Of course if we do go with option 2 we could speak nicely to Daniel and maybe get a version 2.16 release branch started sooner rather than later, since once that is done we could delete elfarm-oabi.c in the mainline sources. I suspect however that Mark and Code Sourcery might prefer us to delay 2.16 until the rest of their arm-symbian patches are submitted and applied. (Assuming that there are more of course).


PS. Mark: I will look at the patch that started this thread tomorrow if Richard does not beat me to it.

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