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Re: cvs write access request

Strange. That web page explicitly says:

"Note that if you already have an account on or for CVS write access, then do not use this form. Instead
send an email to the overseers mail account at this site telling what
project you want write access to and who approved that access."

Similarly, the top level page ( says:

"If, in the future, you want to contribute to the cvs repository of
another project (remember that and share
projects), have a responsible party send email to the overseers mailing
list at this site requesting that you be added to the project. Do not
fill this form out again."

So I wonder whether both pages are out of date then...

Thanks again,

>>> Nick Clifton <> 03.11.04 12:43:36 >>>
Hi Jan,

> Since I already have an account (for gcc), I understand that all I
> to do is to send the request to this mailing list. Please anyone let
> know it that is insufficient.

Sorry, but it is insufficient.  The binutils and gcc projects use 
different CVS repositories located on different machines, so it is not

just a case of adding your name to some kind of permissions file.

Instead if you follow the link that Alan posted:


...and fill in the form their we should be able to give you write
to the binutils repository.  You can use Alan's email address or mine
the approver of this request.


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