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Re: PATCH: Reduce size of SymbianOS DLLs

On Tue, 2004-11-02 at 15:31, Nick Clifton wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> >>Well now that you mention it...  elf32-arm.h is a header so that it can
> >>be included by elfarm-nabi.c and elfarm-oabi.c.  I haven't seen
> >>indication of the "old, old" ABI being used in a long time.  If I
> >>remember right, you were talking about removing it.
> >>
> >>If there's no reason not to do that, we could move all the code from
> >>elf32-arm.h and elfarm-nabi.c to elf32-arm.c (or just move it to
> >>elfarm-nabi.c to avoid disrupting history).  That's real simple.
> > 
> > 
> > I would have thought all the 'interesting' history was in elf32-arm.h,
> > which we'd loose anyway.  So moving it all to elf32-arm.c would probably
> > be the 'correct' move for consistency with other architectures.
> I would definitely support the idea of obsoleting the "old, old ABI" 
> support.  As far as I know there is nobody using it today, but I think 
> that we ought to do the proper thing and add the arm-*-oabi target to 
> the obsolete configurations section at the start of bfd/config.bfd. 
> Then, after the 2.16 release we can remove the old code and merge 
> elf32-arm.h and elfarm-nabi.c into elf32-arm.c.

If we leave the existing elf32-arm.h around for backwards compatibility
(with elfarm-oabi.c), then we could create a merged elf32-arm.c for
current development work without the need to waste a lot of time testing
that the new changes don't break the old code.


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