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Re: PATCH: Reduce size of SymbianOS DLLs

Richard Earnshaw <> writes:

> On Mon, 2004-11-01 at 21:10, Mark Mitchell wrote:
> > The linker believed that SymbianOS BPABI DLLs were demand-paged, which
> > meant that it wanted to align segments on page-size boundaries.
> > However, all BPABI DLLs are post-processed before becoming something
> > that can actually be executed, so this is just wasted space in the
> > file.  I realized that when D_PAGED is clear, the linker will not try
> > to map the program headers, which means that some special-case code I
> > added for SymbianOS can be removed.
> Mark,
> I've probably missed something subtle here, but these changes are all
> being made to elfarm-nabi.c, a generic ARM file.  What is it that
> prevents all these symbian-specific hooks from being called when it's
> not targeting symbianos?

It's the usual BFD crock.  elf32-target.h is included twice--once by
elf32-arm.h, and once, for the Symbian stuff, by elfarm-nabi.c itself.

(I haven't tried to verify that Mark has done everything correctly,
but certainly the right framework is there).

(It would not be unreasonable to create a new file elfarm-symbian.c,
and make the appropriate functions and data structures in
elfarm-nabi.c non-static.)


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