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Re: Relocatable binutils installs [1/2]

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
Right now, LD will search for the ldscripts dir in "<binarypath>/../lib". This means that if you take an installed binutils tree and move it, it won't
find the ldscripts dir when run by hand; because LD is installed in
$(exec_prefix)/bin/ld and ldscripts are installed in
$(exec_prefix)/$(target_alias)/lib/ldscripts. There's another ld hardlink
in $(exec_prefix)/$(target_alias)/bin/ld, which can find the scripts
(although it searches the installed absolute path first, tsk tsk).

This patch uses the new make_relative_prefix in libiberty, moved there for
this reason, to find the scripts directory. This just adds an additional
search path before the others. I was going to remove the last fallback
until I noticed the problem above; there might conceivably be someone
relying on this...

This OK?
I can't speak to whether your patch is ok, but I do
know your heart's in the right place :-)

I've been looking forward to relocatable binaries (in the RPM sense)
for some time.  It's a small touch, but a welcome one.
- Dan

Dan Kegel
Linux User #78045

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