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Re: [RFC] Update to current automake/autoconf/libtool versions.

Sorry I'm a bit late in following up.  I don't follow these lists as
closely as GCC, and this should have been copied there, at least for
the parts that affects the top level, since those are shared.

On Dec  5, 2002, Klee Dienes <> wrote:

> (GNU libtool) 1.4.3

Can't do that.  The copy we use is from a newer code base than the 1.4
branch of libtool.  It's taken from a 1.5-to-be (multi-language)
branch from quite a while ago, back when the ltcf-*.sh scripts hadn't
been merged into libtool.m4.

> 2002-12-04  Klee Dienes  <>

> 	* .cvsignore: Add autom4te.cache.

Please don't.  autom4te.cache is an aberration.  It shouldn't be
created by default, and it shouldn't be left dangling there in the
source tree.  I'd much rather have rules that remove it as soon as
configure is rebuilt.

> 	* acinclude.m4: Remove include of libtool.m4.

Can't let you do that, Dave.  This causes us to use whatever
libtool.m4 happens to be in aclocal.m4's search path, which is very
likely not compatible with from the top level.  That's why
we use libtool.m4 from the top level and keep all the libtool files in
sync.  I wouldn't mind updating to the libtool current CVS tree, which
would get us rid of a number of files in the top level, but this takes
a lot of testing on many different platforms.

> 	* Use AC_PROG_LEX instead of AM_PROG_LEX.
> 	* configure: Pass --build=$host_alias to sub-makes if no other
> 	value is specified.

Huh?  configure is generated from  Besides, it's wrong
in principle.  --build is not to be the same as --host, it's the other
way round (even though autoconf 2.13 got it backwards).  Gotta find
out why we depend on build being defaulted to host and fixing that

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