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subdir/toplevel dependence (was Re: (toplevel)...)

Alex said:
>- I've also removed the dependence of configure-* on ./config.status.
>  I don't understand why we put this in.  I get the impression it was
>  a mistake, since the earlier top-level (say in the gcc-3.3 branch)
>  does not get any sub-packages reconfigured just because the top
>  level config.status changes.  If we really want to do this, we
>  should arrange for the code that updates config.status in the
>  top-level to also remove the Makefiles of all subdirs, so that
>  they're reconfigured next.

I put this in because there's a real dependence here. :-(

The correct dependence, technically, is that configure-* depends on top 
level Makefile, which depends on config.status.

The point is, if you rerun top level 'configure' with different 
arguments, creating a new Makefile which will pass down different 
arguments, it's essential to rerun configure at the lower levels with 
the new arguments as well.  

Implement this however you please, but it needs to be there. :-)


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