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Re: Partial linking problems on ELF32 PPC


Thanks for your pointer. I've verified that your gdb patch works both with
partially linked objects and with shared libraries. Is this patch going into
the gdb tree ?

Since you mentioned that you did not complete your patch to objdump and
readelf, could you please post it ?


On 12/28/02 8:14 AM, "Daniel Jacobowitz" <> wrote:

> On Sat, Dec 28, 2002 at 01:42:58AM -0800, Ranjit Deshpande wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've run into this problem while using partial linking with multiple object
>> files where the DWARF2 .debug_info section incorrectly tells me that a
>> string is at offset X in the merged .debug_str section. I do think that the
>> correct offset is present in rela.debug_info but none of the tools (objdump,
>> readelf or gdb) use this information.
>> Included below is the output from readelf -wi ./foo.o. I've chopped off the
>> uninteresting bits. Notice the DW_AT_name attribute for DW_TAG_compile_unit.
>> It shows the correct file name for the first CU, but the latter CU's are
>> screwed up. I have 3 objects: main.o main1.o main2.o and the link command
>> is:
>> $ ld -r -o foo.o main.o main1.o main2.o
>> What I have noticed is that the .debug_info section contains offsets into
>> .debug_str that are no longer valid after the merge.
>> I claim complete ignorance of how all of this works and the fact that the
>> rela.debug_info shows the offset into .debug_str correctly makes me think
>> that the offset is not completely lost after merging the .debug_info and
>> debug_str sections from the 3 objects.
>> However readelf and objdump both do not take the rela.debug_info into
>> account.
> Now this is peculiar.  I swear that I fixed this - it wasn't in 2.13.1,
> but it should ave been in the current snapshot.  No, looking back at it
> it looks like I only fixed the abbrev offsets.  Apparently I forgot to
> finish what I started.
> The correct fix for this is to call
> bfd_simple_get_relocated_section_contents from readelf (and objdump).
>> And being lazy, I wonder if Daniel Jacobowitz is lurking on this list so
>> that I might ask him if he is aware of this and has dealt with this in the
>> gdb code. From my extremely limited understanding of the gdb code, I don't
>> think that he has but I could be wrong. GDB does not find source files.
> I posted the patch to fix this to the GDB list some time ago and am
> still waiting for comments on it.  Check the archives of gdb-patches,
> Oct. 11th, "[RFA] Relocate debug information in object files".

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