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Re: (toplevel) Fix dramatic breakage for ordinary crosses (related to program_transform_name)

Alex pointed out:
>This unfortunately means that your fix is not quite perfect yet, since
>multiple transform commands would be word-split and sed might take
>them as input file names.  I suggest replacing:
>        t='$(program_transform_name)'; echo as | sed -e $$t ; \
>        echo as | sed '$(program_transform_name)'; \
>that is the construct used by automake.

Unfortunately, I really have to go to sleep now. :-(  And I have to 
focus my mind on other things for a few days, too.

Please feel free to make this change on your own; it's obviously 
correct as far as I'm concerned.

And likewise to anyone else who wants to improve the top level;
now that autoconfiscation, and configure-on-demand, have actually 
happened, I just don't need the tight control on the top level files 
which I was exercising before.  (At least until I start on the new build 
scheme, which won't be for a while.)  

Part of the motivation for autoconfiscating was to make the top level less 
of a "secret region" which only the "initiated" could hack on.  I hope 
I've accomplished that.


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