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RE: ld-auto-import documentation update

> But this does not depends on using import libraries. Renaming symbols
> with a def file affect the dll too and could be used without import
> library.

>> Are there other ways to accomplish this by standing on our heads and
>> using defines?  Probably?  Do we want to change Cygwin to use these
>> other methods?  No.

Now I have heard two times, that you don't want to change cygwins implementation
of how generating the exporting symbols. It's your responsibility and I respect
this, but you haven't answered about the distinction beetwen using def files in
relation to using import libraries.

Charles has written three reasons for using import libraries and especially
topic 2 isn't true, which I have reported in the thread.

"2. Sometimes, it is useful to rename exports.  For instance, the cygwin
kernel does this regularly: an internal symbol @samp{_foo} will not be
exported as @samp{_foo}, but as @samp{foo} by using special directives
in the DEF file when creating the import library.  This ability is not
present without import libs."

These functionality only(!) depends on def files and not not on import
libraries, so this topic is obsolate. I assume, that the stuff relating to
symbol renaming in general is usefull and should be moved into a separate

The appended patch adds a new topic "symbol aliasing" which describes the
several possibilies of renaming and adding additional symbolnames.

Additional the patch adds a topic "exporting dll symbols" which describes some
possibilities of how to export symbols. It seems to be usefull to read at first
some basics about what defs file and so on.

Nick, I would be glad, if you can check the text and the spelling as you have
done the last time, because of my limited english.


2002-12-27  Ralf Habacker  <>

	* ld.texinfo: new win32 depending topics:
      'symbol aliasing' and 'export dll symbols'.

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