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RE: PATCH : H8300 Simulator File I/O Implementation

Hi All,

In reference to my earlier mail, I gave the ChangeLog incorrectly.

Ref :

The updated ChangeLog is given below.

Sorry for the slip ;-)



For GDB/Simulator

Thu Dec 26 18:28:18 IST 2002  D.Venkatasubramanian

        * compile.c (decode): Added code for some more magic traps.
        * compile.c (sim_resume): Added support for File I/O system
        calls through callback to host_system.
        System calls provided support for :
        open, read, write, lseek, close, stat, fstat
        Only basic support for stat and fstat.

For newlib

Thu Dec 26 18:30:56 IST 2002 D.Venkatasubramanian

        * /libc/sys/h8300hms/syscalls.c: Support for various File I/O
        related system calls. Jump to magic vector locations, instead
        of dummy return values.
        * /libc/sys/h8300hms/read.c: Jump to magic vector location for
        supporting read system call.
        * /libc/sys/h8300hms/write.c: Jump to magic vector location for
        supporting write system call.

For binutils

Thu Dec 26 18:28:56 IST 2002 D.Venkatasubramanian

        *h8300.h: Added some more pseudo opcodes for system call processing.

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