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Re: ld-auto-import documentation update

Ralf Habacker wrote:

I've tried the testcase with  gcc version 2.95.3-5 (cygwin special).

Any idead where we should document this feature ? In the cygwin do or in the ld
or ??? At least this is an gcc feature.
Well, probably in gcc. But, the ld documentation could be changed also:

2. Sometimes, it is useful to rename exports. For instance, the cygwin
kernel does this regularly: a symbol @samp{_foo} will be exported as
@samp{_foo}, but also as @samp{foo} by using special directives in the
DEF file when creating the import library. This ability is not
present without import libs.

Remove the last sentence, and continue:

It is possible to mimic this behavior by using the following recipe: in your source code,

void thefunction () { /* do something */; }
void aliasforfunction () __attribute__ ((weak, alias ("thefunction")));

Now, last question: can you REALLY do this alias:

foo -> _foo

e.g. no underscore and with underscore, as in libcygwin.a:

00000000 I __imp___sqrt
00000000 T __sqrt
00000000 I __imp__sqrt
00000000 T _sqrt

If not, then you need one more sentence:

Unfortunately, the specific use in cygwin's kernel, exporting a symbol both with and without and underscore, is not possible; in that specific case you still need to use a .def file and import lib.


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