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[windres ] Getting files referenced...


I've been doing x-compiling for my windows targets for some time but
wanting to add some icons more sanely to each project . Since that 
seems to mean keeping xpms in the source tree I needed some way to 
know when I needed to do the .ico file conversion. 

The obvious answer being a a make rule, I hit the stumbling block
of not being able to generate the list of .ico's need by windres with 
the current code.

To solve this I hacked up the following patch against todays
CVS head.
 ( )

I'm willing to get this code donated if there is any interest -
obviously I'd like to see it in there as require customised build tools,
doesn't make ones build process easy to understand.

The patch seems to do whats needed, although it needs more help
than the usual 'gcc -M -MG' incantantion. (Like using cpp as well
to get the #included deps.) But it is a start and most builds I've seen
seem to wrap gcc for build deps anyways - so a resource wrapper is slightly
bigger. The output could be better formatted as well.

Other any other (helpful) comments. 

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