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RE: [Patch] skipping import libraries for performance reasons - direct auto-import of dll's

> I had a look over the test code itself.  I do not currently have a
> Cygwin environment available for testing, so I could not check to see
> if the test worked but I do have a few comments on the harness code:
>   * Strictly speaking you should check for the presence of a C
>     compiler before using it to compile your tests and return UNTESTED
>     if one is not available.  Of course since you are restricting your
>     tests to natives only, there must have been a C compiler around in
>     order to build the linker in the first place, but being thorough
>     never hurts.

Thanks for this hint.

>   * You should give yourself credit.  ie you should mention that you
>     wrote the test case.

Sorry, I've forgotten

>   * Since the *-mingw* test is not currently supported, it should return
>     UNSUPPORTED or UNTESTED not FAIL.  It is not the *-mingw*'s port's
>     fault that the test has not been written.

I Understand.

>   * Ideally you should follow the GNU coding conventions in your test
>     source files.
Hmmh, I knew only about gnu coding style for c/c++ code, but not for dejagnu
respective tcl files. If I remember right, gnu coding style for C means
for example to place brackets into a new line, but this lets the tcl interpreter
fail. So about what for a styel you are talking. Can you give me a link for this
? Or Is there any tool which can do this ? (indent and astyle --style=gnu
corrupt the file) I'm using gnu code style very rare, so it is not easy to
remember all how to do and a tool which can automate this task, allows the user
to concentrate more on the implementation than on the coding style. This would
decrease the entry level for (tcl) newbies as I am.

> I am attaching a archive containing a version of your tests with the
> above changes made.  I would like however, to have it confirmed that
> the tests do work on a real Cygwin target before I check them into the
> binutils sources.
I have done this checks with cygwin:

1. run normal - no warnings or errors printed

2. setting cc to an non existant app and the tests returns without any error
message or warning. Is that wanted ?

3. changing a declaration in the dll, should simulate compiler problems
	message  ERROR:
compilation failed

4. adding syntax error in the client.c should simlates compiler problems
compilation failed

5. changing a data declaration in the dll, so that the auto-import stuff fails
(should simulate ld linking problems)
	FAIL: linking auto-import client using the dll
	FAIL: linking auto-import client using symbolic linked dll

2002-12-17  Ralf Habacker  <>

	* ld-auto-import/auto-import.exp: New test.
	* ld-auto-import/client.c: likewise.
	* ld-auto-import/dll.c: likewise

- checks is disable auto-import produce linking error
- checks auto-import linking with standard import libraries


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