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Re: Setting target when building binutils?

It might be a coff1 versus coff2 format issue. I believe binutils
generates coff1 while (at least the newer) CCS uses coff2. If on a
hexdump, the first character is 0xc1 then it's coff1, if it's 0xc2 it's
coff2. You might try changing "coff1-c54x" to "coff2-c54x" inside of
gas/config/obj-coff.h and bfd/coff-tic54x.c and anywhere else. It's kind
of a guess, so don't blame if I'm wrong. If this fixes it, then binutils
should probably be changed so that objdump works on both cases.

I wrote a graphical simulator for the c54x for linux (gdspsim) and I had
to use a section header that was 8 characters smaller for binutils
compared to CCS. I keyed off the "0xc1" versus "0xc2" thing mentioned
above. Another option would be to a 8 characters to the section header
structure. But it might be the right size for coff1 and the coff2
structure might be done the same as CCS which is why I suggested trying
above first.


On Tue, 2002-12-10 at 08:07, James Sampson wrote:
> Hi there
> I've just downloaded and build the newest Binutils for C54x like so:
> ../binutils-xxx/configure --target=tic54x
> But when i use objdump on a C54x file I get a "File format not recognized" - 
> So, is it the build procedure, or does Binutils not support C54x, or could it 
> be the out-file that's somehow wrong?
> Best Regards
> James Sampson
Kerry Keal <>

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