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Re: [PATCH] Support UPC extensions to dwarf3 in readelf

Hi James,

> These patches against binutils 2.13.1 allow readelf to dump the
> additional DWARF tags defined for use with the UPC language (see 
> and 
> ).

Thanks very much for submitting this patch.  There were a couple of
problems with it:

  * It did not come with ChangeLog entries for the binutils and
    include/elf directories.

  * It added a new(ish) feature to readelf, but did not document this
    in the binutils/NEWS file.

  * The formatting of the comments was incorrect.

  * You do not have a copyright assignment for binutils on file with
    the FSF.

I have fixed the first three problems, and since the patch is very
simple, (it could be described in a single sentance), I have decided
to waive the copyright requirement this time and accept the patch.  In
the future though, please do take the time to obtain a copyright
assignment and to follow the GNU Coding standards when creating a


2002-12-10  James Cownie <>

	* dwarf2.h (DW_TAG_upc_shared_type, DW_TAG_upc_strict_type,
	DW_TAG_upc_relaxed_type, DW_AT_upc_threads_scaled, DW_LANG_Upc):

2002-12-10  James Cownie <>

	* readelf.h (get_TAG_name, get_AT_name,
	read_and_display_attr_value): Add support for UPC extensions to
	DWARF2 spec.
	* NEWS: Mention this new support.

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