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Re: [PATCH/RFA] Fix C-referenceable sections with explicit LMAs

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 07:00:19AM -0800, Jason R Thorpe wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 03:40:46PM +0000, Nick Clifton wrote:
>  > PS.  I tried to configure an "arm-netbsdelf" toolchain to test the
>  > patch, but the configuration failed to actually create any build
>  > directories :-(  So I used an arm-linux toolchain instead.
> Yah, a "make" will trigger re-re-re-re-re-configure which will actually
> create the other directories.  I noticed this recently when configuring
> a native m68k-netbsdelf toolchain.  I was a little puzzled at first, but
> then remembered the "re-re-re-re-re-configure" thread and thought "oh,
> this must be related to that bug they're talking about" :-)

To clarify: the build directories not being created until make time is
a feature, not a bug.  I expect it'll save oodles of time, too.  It
means that I can build binutils from a combined src tree without having
to configure sid, for one thing!

Daniel Jacobowitz
MontaVista Software                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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