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Re: [PATCH/RFA] Allow merging read-only sections into .text on a.out

Hi Jason,

> The following patch allows read-only sections to be merged with .text
> by the a.out back-end.

> The problem is once again with C-referenceable sections (the "link sets"
> I referred to in the previous thread about the linker).  They are being
> sorted into .text (per my previous patch) in this case, but still have
> their own sections, and the a.out back-end does not know how to represent
> them in the output file.
> OK for mainline?  OK for 2.13 branch?
> 	* aoutx.h (set_section_contents): Allow an otherwise unrepresentable
> 	read-only section that lies after .text and before .data to be
> 	written into the output file and included in a_text.
> 	(translate_to_native_sym_flags): If an otherwise unrepresentable
> 	section was merged with .text, convert its symbols to N_TEXT
> 	symbols.
> 	* libaout.h (aout_section_merge_with_text_p): New macro.

Approved and applied for mainline.

I am not sure about its suitability for the branch, since I would
consider this a new feature (being able to merge in these otherwise
unrepresentable sections).  But I know that it is something that you
hoped would be in 2.13.2, so we'll let Daniel decide.


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