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Re: [RFA] Add stabs entries for coalesced symbols.

On Sun, 8 Dec 2002, Klee Dienes wrote:

> Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

Thanks for working on this.

The doco patch is approved.

> One question for Eli:  are you sure you want a @cindex entry for
> "coalesced symbols"?

Yes, I'm quite sure adding such an index entry is a Good Thing.

> I ask only because it's the only one in the
> document.

I'm afraid I don't understand the nature of your hesitance.

An index entry is a powerful means for finding information in the manual 
quickly and efficiently.  It is quick because just typing "i coalesc TAB" 
and then hitting [Enter] will take you to the section you wrote in both 
Emacs and the stand-alone Info reader.  It is efficient because index 
entries are created by humans who are supposed to consider issues that 
users are likely to think about when looking for specific information, 
and therefore the phrases included in the index are already oriented 
towards someone who searches for info.

In other words, indexing helps you use the manual as a reference.  Thus, 
whether the term "coalesced symbol" appears once or more than once in a 
manual is not important for having an index entry for it.  On the 
contrary, since there is a definitive place where the manual explains 
what a coalesced symbol is and how GDB handles it, having an index entry 
for that one place is very important.

Does that resolve your concerns?

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