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gcc 3.2.1/binutils 2.13.1/newlib 1.10.0 cross status report


First I apologize for cross posting but the results are
for the following combination:

binutils: 2.13.1
gcc:      3.2.1 + RTEMS patches
newlib:   1.10.0 + RTEMS patches
Host:     GNU/Linux RedHat 7.3

I have attached a GNUmeric spreadsheet and tab delineated
ASCII version of the report on the following 37 targets:

arm-rtems h8300-rtems hppa1.1-rtems i386-rtems
i960-rtems m68k-rtems mips64orion-rtems mips-rtems
powerpc-rtems sh-rtemself sh-rtems sparc-rtems arc-elf
arm-elf avr-elf d10v-elf d30v-elf fr30-elf h8300-coff
hppa1.1-proelf i386-elf i960-coff i960-elf m32r-elf m68k-coff
m68k-elf mcore-elf mips-elf mips64orion-elf mn10200-elf
mn10300-elf powerpc-eabi sh-coff sh-elf sparc-elf v850-elf

I am happy to report that, in general, all built successfully.
Here are comments and some details on problems:  

+ All targets above successfully built binutils 2.13.1
+ C/C++ was attempted for all targets. 
+ GNAT was additionally included for the following targets:
    i386-rtems, mips-rtems, powerpc-rtems, sparc-rtems
+ gcc does not support the d10v
+ My script missed xscale-elf on gcc. :(
+ h8300-coff is a C only target.
+ The following problems were encountered with gcc:
  - avr-elf - PR8833
  - d30v-elf - PR8344
  - fr30-elf - PR6172 (I have a patch from Nick Clifton to test)
  - mcore-elf - PR8345
  - mn10200-elf - PR3801
  All of these PRs are ICE's during bootstrap.

Some questions I have:

 + What other targets should be included in my list?  I am trying
   to build every non-OS embedded target.  I have had suggestions
   to add the tic40-coff and m68hc11-elf.

 + Are the strongarm-elf and xscale-elf really different from arm-elf? 

All in all, I think these results are wonderfully better than
those I reported for previous 3.x build sweeps.  There really
has been progress. :)

Joel Sherrill, Ph.D.             Director of Research & Development                 On-Line Applications Research
Ask me about RTEMS: a free RTOS  Huntsville AL 35805
   Support Available             (256) 722-9985

Attachment: report-20021205.gnumeric
Description: Binary data

Target	"binutils 2.13.1"	"gcc 3.2.1 + newlib 1.10.0"	"gdb 5.2"	
arm-rtems	yes	yes	yes	
h8300-rtems	yes	yes	yes	
hppa1.1-rtems	yes	yes	yes	
i386-rtems	yes	yes	yes	
i960-rtems	yes	yes	yes	
m68k-rtems	yes	yes	yes	
mips64orion-rtems	yes	yes	yes	
mips-rtems	yes	yes	yes	
powerpc-rtems	yes	yes	yes	
sh-rtemself	yes	yes	yes	
sh-rtems	yes	yes	yes	
sparc-rtems	yes	yes	yes	
arc-elf	yes	yes	yes	
arm-elf	yes	yes	yes	
avr-elf	yes	PR8833	NA	
d10v-elf	yes	NA	yes	
d30v-elf	yes	PR8344	yes	
fr30-elf	yes	PR6172	yes	"have untested patch from Nick Clifton"
h8300-coff	yes	"no C++"	yes	
hppa1.1-proelf	yes	yes	"mising dl.h and machine/save_state.h"	
i386-elf	yes	yes	yes	
i960-coff	yes	yes	yes	
i960-elf	yes	yes	yes	
m32r-elf	yes	yes	yes	
m68k-coff	yes	yes	yes	
m68k-elf	yes	yes	yes	
mcore-elf	yes	PR8345	yes	
mips-elf	yes	yes	yes	
mips64orion-elf	yes	yes	yes	
mn10200-elf	yes	PR3801	yes	
mn10300-elf	yes	yes	yes	
powerpc-eabi	yes	yes	yes	
sh-coff	yes	yes	yes	
sh-elf	yes	yes	yes	
sparc-elf	yes	yes	yes	
v850-elf	yes	yes	yes	
xscale-elf	yes	"didn't build"	"didn't build"	

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