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Re: [RFC] Update to current automake/autoconf/libtool versions.

On Thursday, December 5, 2002, at 10:43 AM, Andrew Cagney wrote:

I don't understand this:

- $(SHELL) $(YLWRAP) "$(YACC)" $(srcdir)/c-exp.y c-exp.tmp -- $(YFLAGS)
+ $(SHELL) $(YLWRAP) $(srcdir)/c-exp.y c-exp.tmp -- "$(YACC)" $(YFLAGS)

isn't it independant of the switch?

It's a result of using the ylwrap from autoconf-1.7, which is needed since the rules for the binutils/ parsers are automatically generated by automake.
Does it work now?

Same with this?

+ AC_DEFINE([HAVE_LONG_DOUBLE], [], [Define if the `long double' type works])

(or did the new autoconf change the interface causing a warning if the three parameters were not present?).

Not even a warning: it blows out autoheader with an error.  The new AC_DEFINE interface deprecates the use of a template file, and instead requires all the information to be provided by the AC_DEFINE commands (it's particularly annoying since the warning about the existence of a template file is about 10 lines long, ALL CAPS, and can't be turned off with --warnings=none).

Ulgh. Same here though, does this work with autoconf 2.13++ (the current offical autoconf)?


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