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Re: coff-h8300 bfd bug (Electric Fence info)

Max Bowsher wrote:

Now, I'm going to see if I can trace the problem any further, but I've never
looked at bfd code before, so I'm hoping someone who has will be able to
make something from this information.
Just a suggestion:

I had a similar problem recently. I was trying to compile an application that utilized libbfd.a. It behaved *very* strange, as I keep getting segfaults all the time. I ran gdb on it and discovered that bfd_openr() somehow failed. Or didt fail... The return pointer was valid and all, but one of the pointer's members kept getting zeroed out. This member was the cause of my segfault. The problem was that the pointer's member was perfectly allright *inside* bfd_openr(), but as soon as it returned to my application, some of the members got changed!

Well, my point is that the problem went away when I replaced my RH8.0 default binutils&gcc tools with my own custom compiled binutils-2.13.1 and gcc-3.2.1! I suspect the RH8.0 tools is unstable... Maybe you have a similar problem.


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