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Re: --enable-auto-import extension

.lcomm generates symbol with type STT+AF8-NOTYPE not STT+AF8-OBJECT

2.13 branch

[ Re: [ Re: PATCH: Output dwarf debug info only when needed]]

[Fwd: Re: [RFA] Mips, return_value_location, small structs]

[PATCH, arm] Support for Thumb init/fini entry points

[PATCH, arm] Support for Thumb init/fini entry points, take 2

Re: [PATCH, arm] Support for Thumb PLT entries with interwork

[patch/in] Import texinfo.tex version 2002-06-04.06

[patch/in] Update config.guess, config.sub

[patch/rfa] Fix build problem with IRIX compiler

Re: [PATCH] *New* target configuration -- tic4x (TYPO)

[PATCH] Avoid potential segfault in elfxx-mips.c

[patch] bfd files for tic4x

Re: [PATCH] bfd: add BSD case for powerpc64 in config.bfd

[PATCH] bfd: add BSD case for powerpc64 in config.guess

[patch] binutils patch for tic4x

[PATCH] Cast signed mismatch in bfd/elfxx-mips.c

[PATCH] Fix IA-32 gas _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ handling bugs

[PATCH] Fix IA-32 gas _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ handling bugs (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix TLS Initial Exec relocs against local symbols

[PATCH] Fix typo in bfd/elf32-mips.c

[patch] gas for tic4x

[patch] include files for tic4x

[patch] ld patch for tic4x

[PATCH] Make LIB_PATH configurable

[PATCH] MIPS bfd: abi 64 ld -r

[PATCH] MIPS bfd: irix script support

[patch] MIPS/gas: Always treat "dla" and "la" as macros

Re: [PATCH] MIPS: IRIX .section support

Re: [PATCH] MIPS: IRIX 6 segment layout

[PATCH] New target configuration -- tic4x

[patch] opcodes files for tic4x

[PATCH] Remove superfluous check in bfd/elfxx-mips.c

[Patch] sh/sh64: Zero-initialize dynamic relocation sections

[Patch] sh64: Gas testsuite format fix to reference file

RE: [PATCH] sh64: Fix absolute plt entries

[Patch] sh64: Fix DT_INIT and DT_FINI values

[Patch] sh64: Fix problem with datalabel and --gc-sections

[Patch] sh64: Handle SHmedia PC-relative relocs as dynamic relocs

[Patch] sh64: Second fix to reference files in ld testsuite

[patch] tic4x config files

[patch] top-level config - new tic4x target

[Patch] Trivial gas fix of -mall on Alpha

[PATCH]: Add HC11/HC12 relocs in bfd

[PATCH]: Fix gas to handle 68HC12 call and indexed addressing modes

[PATCH]: Fix HC12 disassembler

[PATCH]: Fix HC12 opcode table for call instruction

[PATCH]: Generate relax relocations in gas HC11/HC12

[PATCH]: New relocs and ELF ABI flags for HC11/HC12

[PATCH]: sh64: Fix to reference files in ld testsuite

[PATCH]: Support control of ELF ABI flags in gas HC11/HC12

[PATCH]: Support for ELF flags for HC11/HC12 bfd

[PATCH]: Support GC sections for HC11/HC12

[PATCH]: Support linker relaxation for 68HC11

[PATCH]: Support new HC11/HC12 relocs in bfd

[PATCH]: Update and new tests for HC11/HC12 gas

Re: [revised patch] ns32k gas/bfd cleanup

Re: [RFA:] Use refcount in SH ELF backend

[RFA] bfd/elf-eh-frame.c: return address column of CIE

[RFA] e500 PPC port -- BFD

[RFA] e500 PPC port -- GAS

[RFA] e500 PPC port -- OPCODES

Add Dave Anglin as HPPA co-maintainer

Re: Add hppa*64* support to libtool in binutils

Add Jeff Law as maintainer for HPPA

Add v850 linker relaxation

Add v850e target to v850-sim.exp

Re: allow gas to emit duplicate line numbers

Annoying objcopy message

Another newbie question....

aout BFD_RELOC_8

arm-aout testsuite failures

assorted x86 fixes

Attempting to build GCC 3.2 on hppa64 with binutils-020820

Bad profiling code from gcc-3.2 for m68k-linux

Re: BFD relocations -- alpha

bfd/config.bfd use of ifdef BFD64 for sh target

bfd/ discrepancies

binutils 2.13 and hppa2.0w-*

Binutils 2.13 released

Binutils broken: readelf.c does not compile

Re: binutils problem

binutils-2.12.1-2.13-patch.bz2 failure

binutils-2.13 fails to buld on sparc (due to makeinfo failure)


binutils/bfd and Sun C++ compilers

binutils/testsuite fixes

Bug: gas crashes on invalid input with .offset pseudo op

Building binutils

Building binutils source package for power pc fails

Change in ld's memory use patterns from v2.10 to v2.11/2.13?

clashing symbols

coff{,64}_rs6000.c tidy.

Committed, CRIS: elf32-cris.c fix *_REF_DYNAMIC not exported from program.

Committed, gas/read.c: Use ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED_LABEL for label, notATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.

Committed, MMIX: Tweaks to ld testsuite.


cris-elf broken by tic4x

re: crystal products

cvs diff howto?

d30v testsuite failures

default_excluded_list[] and flat profile

Re: Does gld have SOM support?

Drop the K&R requirement from binutils?

ELF extension for starting symbol search from module dependencies

Re: ELF extension for starting symbol search from moduledependencies

Emacs mode for graph view

Employers newsletter - for CEO's and Managers

Error in output of readelf

Re: Error in output of readelf (and HP brokenosity)

Expansing macro-definitions in Gas using Gdb

FAQ for porting? (was: A new target for binutils ? MCS-51)

Feature request: undefined-symbol hints

fix elf32-m68hc* gc_mark_hook

Fix K&R problem in align_power macro

fix xcoff absolute syms

Future plans for gprof

gas warning fixes

gas/testsuite fixes

gas/write.c changes

GNU ld on Irix 6.5

GOT refcounting broke non-refcount targets

Re: H8 targets.

H8300-elf-as DWARF problem preliminary analysis

H8300-elf-as: DWARF problem: length of .debug_line is zero

headers.sed can't handle embedded tabs

help with sh-nto optimization

How can i compile 2.13 for arm?

How to Display Each Section Value

I saw your email on a website

i370 readelf support

Re: IA-32 gas _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ handling bugs

IA-64 PE+/COFF help needed

K&R fix to chew.c

K&R fixes for HPUX

Re: Latest 64-bit linker problem


Re: LD port for ip2k

Re: ld scripts: overlay of input sections ???

ld testsuite and aout

ld tweakery

ld/testsuite fixes

Re: libtool / GCC 3.2 question and patch

Linker error while compiling linux kernel

Linkerscript verbose output

Re: Linux/arm is broken

m68hc11 gas testsuite tweaks

minimal pseudo-relocs patch

mips assembler may generate relocs at the wrong place

mips build failures

MIPS gas is broken now.

mips16 gas 'move' instruction question

more gas testsuite fixes

more v850 fallout

more xcoff tidying

The new mips gas breaks gcc 2.96

New Swedish PO file for `binutils'

New Swedish PO file for `opcodes'

A new target for binutils ? MCS-51

New Turkish PO file for `bfd'

nm and objdump when no symbols

Re: PA64 shared library problems with gdb-5.2 (hpux)

Partial linking interacts badly with N_WARNING and N_INDIR

Patch for constant %hi()s on MIPS

PATCH for small plt support via "ld -z now"

Re: PATCH ppc-nto and common qnx bfd_backend

Re: Patch to config.guess (2002-07-03) to detect 64bit HPUX compiler

Patch to implement rotates by zero

Patch to windres: Remove non-VIRTKEY warning for ALT

PATCH: A strang symbol versioning problem

PATCH: A testcase (Re: PATCH: A strang symbol versioning problem)

PATCH: Add processor names and types for Alpha.

PATCH: Check undefined version

PATCH: Don't count definitions in shared objects

PATCH: Don't warn defintion overrides indirect versioned symbol

PATCH: Fix gas/mips/elf-rel6

PATCH: sh-nto qnx support

PATCH: Test moving default definition from one DSO to another.

PATCH: Update on symbol versioning

pc-relative symbol resolution bug

PE bug: bad DataDirectory.

powerpc64 --gc-sections

powerpc64 howto fixes

ppc gas tests

Problem with DWARF2 debug info for DJGPP

Problems assembling TI-style code with ARM-coff assembler

Problems linking on Irix 6.5

Problems with shared library linking and pthreads

Regarding elfn32-mips.c?

Results for 2.13 testsuite on sparc-unknown-linux-gnu

Reverse mapping functions

RFA: PPC opcodes patch

s390x (64bit) compile?/link?/load? problem..

sh-nto --small-stubs

sh-nto optimization

SH: debugging relocs

SH: forced local symbols

SH: PC-relative addressing

some more z8k fixes

sparc gas testsuite fixes

stage one of gas reloc rewrite

A strang symbol versioning problem

Striping indirect symbols

tc-i386.h tidy

TI COFFv2 relocations-- seen anything similar?

tic54x gas testsuite fixes

tic80 gas testsuite fixes

TMS320C6000 port info

Unreviewed patch: sh64 Fix absolute plt entries

Update D10V linker script with values for TS3 evaluation board

Updated Swedish translation checked in

Use bfd assembler for all x86 gas targets

Using binutils-2.13 on sparc64-sun-solaris2.8 to build gcc-3.1.1 results in relocation errors

vax gas testsuite fixes

Version script help needed

w65 bfd fix

w65 gas fixes

What is this gas macro?

While we are discussing new ports... :)

Why are selective tests XFAIL'd on MIPS?

write.c (subsegs_finish): Don't specially align last subseg.

x86 -> alpha cross compiler

xcoff default arch

xcoff gas testsuite fixes

xcoff reloc fix

Your Caribbean VIP vacation

Your Fundraising Concerns are Over!

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