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Re: Version script help needed

On Montag, 5. August 2002 22:00, Ulrich Drepper wrote:
> Franz Sirl wrote:
> > Hmm, or are you trying to say: "On Linux always use .symver to attach a
> > version first , use the version script only to globalize/localize already
> > versioned symbols, do not use it to attach versions to symbols."?
> That's more or less what it ends with.  Yes, there is an overlap of
> functionality but this is due to the fact that we used some mechanisms
> from Sun's symbol maps.  Today we wouldn't need the version map anymore
> since we have symbol visibility classes
> attribute((visibility("hidden"))) etc.

OK, I can live with that, but without documentation it got me really confused. 
Would you mind to cobble up a few words explaining the Linux caveats 
(intended use?) for the version script section in ld.texi?

Hmm, wouldn't it make sense then for the version script processing to exclude 
any pre-versioned symbols from the localization/globalization handling, 
assuming that the user already did set the intended visibility?


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