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[PATCH] MIPS bfd: irix script support

irix6 uses the emulparams script (see table below).
This script is used for irix6 by inclusion in  This
script is used for linux by inclusion in,,,  The intention of
this patch is to get the functionality of, which is
included by:,,

Setting the OUTPUT_FORMAT should be okay as the following will
override it:,,,,

Setting this should be okay for, which sets them and is
included by  I am less sure about
and  Any idea why they aren't setting them?

Script                  Used By         Includes                Abi            netbsd                                  old*        irix6                                   new           irix5 irix6            old          linux             old       64-linux         new           elf               old           el-elf            old            bsd               old                             old          linux           old       64-linux       new*           irix6          new          linux          new          linux           new              irix              bsd              ecoff             ecoff              ultrix            lnews               pe

        * ld/emulparams/ (*OUTPUT_FORMAT): Use n32 vectors.
        (GENERATE_SHLIB_SCRIPT, SHLIB_TEXT_START_ADDR): Enable shared libraries.

Description: Binary data

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