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Re: Who maintains or makes fixes for ld for AIX?

> Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 12:46:55 -0500
> From: Kevin Heatwole <>
> I'm fairly new to the GCC scene, but I have a task to make a 
> cross-compiler hosted on LinuxPPC and targeting AIX.
> I'm running into some bugs that I have yet to track down, but appear to 
> be in either GAS or ld as it deals with entries in the TOC.  For some 
> reason, there are some entries that should just be 32-bit addresses in 
> the TOC and the image ends up with extra an 32-bit zero in between some 
> entries (almost as if the code thinks an address is 64-bit in some 
> instances, but I am dealing with all 32-bit addresses).  The resulting 
> a.out doesn't run and the TOC offsets are really garbage (almost as if 
> the linker thought it had located all 32-bit addresses, but had left 
> unintended gaps in some of them and didn't figure in the gaps in its 
> offset calculations).
> Anyway, I'd like to exchange a little email with whomever is maintaining 
> ld and as as a cross to AIX.  I'm willing to fix the problems but I 
> don't want to reinvent the wheel.

I don't believe anyone has yet tried using these tools in a _cross_ to
AIX.  They were developed for use natively on the machine.  However,
I can't think of any fundamental reason why they shouldn't work, so
it's probably just bugs, not completely missing features.

A good person to ask is Tom Rix, <>.

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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