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PATCH: Remove dependency on libiberty from

I don't want the dependency on libiberty in Here is a hack
I come up with. It works with and without shared library enabled. Any

2001-10-18  H.J. Lu <>


---	Thu Oct 18 19:44:50 2001
+++	Thu Oct 18 20:13:17 2001
@@ -535,11 +535,21 @@ po/
 diststuff: info
+LIBIBERTY_OBJS = concat.lo objalloc.lo hashtab.lo hex.lo \
+		 safe-ctype.lo xexit.lo xmalloc.lo xstrerror.lo 
+# FIXME: I don't want the dependency on libiberty in
+	echo "# Generated by Makefile - GNU libtool" > $@
+	name=`echo $@ | sed -e "s/.lo$$//"`; \
+	echo pic_object=../libiberty/pic/$$name.o >> $@; \
+	echo non_pic_object=../libiberty/$$name.o >> $@
 # Various kinds of .o files to put in libbfd.a:
 # BFD_BACKENDS	Routines the configured targets need.
 # BFD_MACHINES	Architecture-specific routines the configured targets need.
 # COREFILE	Core file routines for a native configuration
 stamp-ofiles: Makefile
 	rm -f tofiles

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