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"make check" failures for ELF/avr

-Wl,-e,_zzz & arm-aout

-Wl,-e,_zzzz & arm-aout

2.11.2 & arm-aout

850 boot-rom image

[asm] Difference of symbols in another section

[ld] starting point of the --allow-shlib-undefined ?

Re: [PATCH RFA] partial-stab.h patch amendment

[PATCH] Add --wide option to readelf

Re: [Patch] Correct documentation of --stack option for i386-PE

[PATCH] Disable warning about -mcpu

[PATCH] enable libstdc++-v3 for h8300 in

[PATCH] Fix disassembly of some altivec opcodes

Re: [PATCH] Fix distinction of 32/64bit addresses in MIPS gas

Re: [PATCH] Fix handling of R_MIPS_PC16 relocations

Re: [PATCH] Fix MIPS ELF64 relocation howtos

[PATCH] Fix sparc64 .plt[32768+] slots

[patch] Make exception handling work for the v850

[PATCH] Making expect Tcl version independent.

[PATCH] MIPS configuration fixes

[PATCH] MIPS gas ABI options

[PATCH] MIPS testsuite fix

[PATCH] pei386, ld auto-import

[PATCH] Re: ld: orthogonal functionality?

[PATCH] Reallow unrestricted use od .set mipsX

Re: [PATCH] support binutils for OpenBSD

[PATCH] Take into account reloc_class_plt

[PATCH] Use 'M' and 'S' in section string instead of 'm' and 's'

[PATCH] Use 'M' and 'S' in section string instead of 'm' and 's' (take 2)

[PATCH] z8k fixes

[PATCH] z8k fixes -- followup

[PATCH]: Add missing prototypes in gas/config/tc-m68hc11.c

[PATCH]: Fixes "size_t" errors while building with GCC 3.0.x on HPUX 11.00

[PATCH]: ld-auto-import memory bug fixing

[PATCH]: Report HC11/HC12 linker script fix on the branch

[RFA:] More run_dump_test functionality.

[RFA:] test-case for relocs for linkonce-excluded sections don't become zero, causing g++ EH failure

[RFA] [pei-386] prevent ld (auto-import) from generating broken code

[RFA] ld.texinfo: clarify auto-import documentation

[RFA]: Fix bfd/dwarf2.c when compilation unit has no die

_bfd_merged_section_offset + powerpc-eabism == dead

allow 0 for e_shnum, e_shstrndx, e_shoff

alpha elf reloc fixes, part 1

alpha elf reloc fixes, part 2

Autobuild at will be going away

Automatic opcode table generation and gas test cases for s/390.

BFD (pei-i386) mixes virtual size with LMA??

bfd/doc changes for the bfd/ cleanup

bfd_read and bfd_write

binutils (readelf) fixes for H8

binutils + i18n

binutils changes for the bfd/ cleanup

binutils is broken on Linux/alpha.

binutils-2.11.2 strip -s wierdness

Re: Bug in ld

Bug in netbsd wastes space for all ELF platforms?

build error in binutils/doc/

Build gcc 3.0.1 for sh target

cannot undefine with -u option to ld

Carriage returns in bfd/Changelog

checked in patch to testsuite

Chunking For Ports With CGEN_INT_INSN_P = 0

COFF .endef Handling of def_symbol_in_progress


combreloc support for elf32-hppa

Committed tc-sh.[hc] cleanups

compiling binutils under DOS for ELF output

config.sub is not right.

Continued MIPS kernel debugging symbols problem...

Corrupted symbols for MIPS debugging...

Re: debugging a dynamically loaded library

dec Alpha osf cross loader mingw

Dependencies updated in binutils/

Dependencies updated in gas/

Dependencies updated in ld/

Dependencies updated in opcodes/

Did you rebuild libiberty/configure?

Dynamic linking of i386 NetBSD a.out?

Dynamic Linking under Solaris 2.5.1.

elf symbol table corrupted by stabs strings?

elf32-i386.c cosmetic changes

Emitting line number debug info for non-code sections

error gprel relocs vs dynamic symbols

Errors: report containing archive with file name

Fix some warnings in binutils/

Fix x86_64 vtable testsuite failures

Function symbols with size 0

FYI: Tcl/Tk upgrade plan.... STARTING

gas 2.10.91 and relative addressing

gas bug report

gas changes for the bfd/ cleanup

gas listing bug

Generating (opcodes)

Getting rid of a lot of redundant code to set ELF machine codes

gprof warning fix

H8 testsuite fixes

H8/300H and H8/S improvement

Heads-up: config.guess, config.sub imported

ia64 @iplt reloc

include/* changes for the bfd/ cleanup

Incorrect Listing Output with .lcomm

Re: Internal error in BFD

KDE: C++ and shared libraries

ld changes for the bfd/ cleanup

ld, DSO's, R_386_RELOC

ld-auto-import memory bug fixing

ld: bfd assertion fail

ld: orthogonal functionality?

libiberty docs are in

line number tracking for local labels

Re: linker problem: relocation truncated to fit

Linking GCC obgject files with Intel FORTRAN for linux

Re: linking newlib (libc.a crt0.o) for powerpc-ibm-eabi target on i686-pc-cygwin host

linking newlib (libc.a crt0.o) for powerpc-ibm-eabi target on i686-pc-cygwinhost

linking problem, I messed up but don't know how

The Linux binutils vs. the FSF binutils on Linux/mips

local labels

map "s" to small data on ia64 and alpha

Minor H8 gas fix

The mips assembler is broken.

Re: mips binutils after 2001-08-03 build incorrect kernel

Re: Missing variable 'pe_data_import_dll'

MMIX port, part 1/10: gas port.

MMIX port, part 10/10: gas testsuite.

MMIX port, part 2/10: gas documentation.

MMIX port, part 3/10: include files.

MMIX port, part 4/10: opcode files.

MMIX port, part 5/10: binutils.

MMIX port, part 6/10: bfd except doc.

MMIX port, part 7/10: bfd/doc.

MMIX port, part 8/10: ld except testsuite.

MMIX port, part 9/10: ld testsuite.

More H8 ELF BFD changes

Needless relocations in mn10300-elf

Negative bignum expressions

nocopyreloc patch

note on messages if auto-imported symbols not found

obj_coff_loc Internal Error

objcopy question

Re: objcopy: `--rename-section' option gets new name wrong

Re: objdump

Re: objdump BUG: wrong DISASM

Option -mwarn_areg_zero for S/390.

optionally postpone assignment of Common

Patch objdump prefix hexadecimal numbers with 0x

PATCH, xcoff gas line numbers

PATCH: Add sanity check to dwarf1.c

PATCH: Add some ELF weak tests for linker.

PATCH: binutils + i18n

PATCH: Compatibility with "am"/"ams"

PATCH: config/tc-mips.c (nopic_need_relax)

PATCH: Fix COMMON_ROW\defw (Re: Strang code in elf_merge_symbol)

PATCH: Fix ld bootstrap test for ia64

PATCH: Fix ld-elfweak for alpha

PATCH: Fix ld/

PATCH: More ELF weak tests for linker.

PATCH: Move weak definitions to DSOs for ld weak tests.

Re: po/ doesn't exist

preventing ld from discarding all symbols from archive files

Problem with -f option and #APP

Proposal: Switch mips64 from REL to RELA

R_ARC_B22_PCREL relocs busted?

readelf 64-bit e_entry fix

readelf on elf64

refcounts ought to start from zero


relocations against weak and global syms (for ARM)

Reorder functions in elf32-i386.c

Rewrite much of elf64-ppc.c

Re: Serious bug in auto-import

sh-linux patch for 32-bit relative relocation

sh_flags vs bfd

small gas patch

Some warning fixes for bfd/vms-*

Re: src/bfd som.c

Strang code in elf_merge_symbol

sumary of arm-aout problems

tc-m68k.c compilation problem

Tcl/Tk upgrade so far....

Tcl/Tk Upgrade....

Top-level patch

Re: va_end buglets in opcodes/{arc-dis,fr30-desc,m32r-desc}.c

Various SH fixes; make R_SH_REL32 partial_inplace etc.

Warning fixes for ld/*

Where can I add "-lm" flag to compile tc-*.c

x86 .plt and symbol visibility

x86 copy relocs

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