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Re: Linking GCC obgject files with Intel FORTRAN for linux

Thank you. That fixed it. Everything linked and I'm running tests
now to make sure the binaries behave. 

I don't know why the beta compiler worked but it did. Perhaps
something changed in libintrins between the beta code and the
released code.

Wes Bauske

"Zhang, Yingwei" wrote:
> Intel 5.0 Compiler relies on .gdt section for correct C++
> exception handling. libintrins is a Fortran library written
> in C++. Looks to me you are using gcc to link the library.
> I do not know why beta works unless you were using icc at the final
> link state. Even using gcc as link driver works, the C++ exception
> handling mechanism will not be functioning. I guess
> you do not care for this case since fortran does not throw
> exceptions, nor it knows how to handle exception if its library throws.
> To fix the problem under gcc, you can either add the file as
> one object and link it into your finial application (it will be treated
> as linker script), or define this symbol through either assembly file
> or linker command. However, I would suggest stick with icc as linker driver.
> Intel 6.0 compiler is using a different object model for C++, and
> objects produced from icc and gcc should be able to mix and match
> (with some constrains, like same set of headers are used).
> Yinwei Zhang
> Intel Compiler Lab
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Narayanaswamy, Ravi
> Sent: Friday, September 28, 2001 5:11 PM
> To: Zhang, Yingwei
> Cc: Rao, Suresh K
> Subject: FW: Linking GCC obgject files with Intel FORTRAN for linux
> Yingwei,
>    Is this your work or Milind's group.
> Ravi
> -----Original Message-----
> From: W Bauske []
> Sent: Friday, September 28, 2001 5:09 PM
> To:
> Subject: Linking GCC obgject files with Intel FORTRAN for linux
> Hello,
> Hopefully someone can help me understand what I've done wrong.
> I have an application that uses C for the main program and calls
> FORTRAN subroutines to do the real work. I had been using the
> Intel FORTRAN Beta compiler without difficulty. Just had to add
> the Intel libraries to the link libs when I linked. Now that Intel
> have released the real compiler, the links fail with missing
> symbols.
> /z/home/intel.compilers/ undefined
> reference to
> `__gdt_lastone'
> /z/home/intel.compilers/ undefined
> reference to
> `__gdt_firstone'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> I found a file in the Intel directories called
> /* static char cvs_id[] = "$Id:,v 1.1 2001/02/16 09:16:06 grigory
> Exp $"; */
> /* for ICC C++ exception handling */
> {
>     .data1 :
>     {
>         *(.data1)                       /* Original .data1 section */
>         PROVIDE(__gdt_firstone = .);    /* _GDT *__gdt_firstone */
>         *(.gdt)
>         *(.gnu.linkonce.g.\$gdt\$*)
>         PROVIDE(__gdt_lastone = .);     /* _GDT *__gdt_lastone */
>         *(.edt)
>         *(.gnu.linkonce.e.\$edt\$*)
>     }
> }
> This appears to me to be some sort of linker directives where they provide
> symbols for the front and back of the thing called a 'gdt'. If someone has
> an idea about what Intel did and how to translate it to ld type info, please
> let me know. Perhap a snippet of asm/directives could do the same thing?
> Thanks,
> Wes Bauske (please reply directly to me at

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