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Re: libiberty docs are in

I combined your patches and committed them.  Thanks!

> The secret is that you need to lay out the subnodes in the same
> order as they are listed in the menus.  One of the nodes was out of
> order, so I moved it.  I'm guessing that this node is what gave you
> trouble.

Ok, although this rearranges the chapters also, putting obstacks
before the reference to libiberty-specific functions.  I guess it
doesn't matter.

> Oops, sorry, I didn't realize you've written the text in the *.c
> files as well.

Half the docs came from Phil's libiberty.texi.  I broke out the bits
and put them in *.c.  The other half were manually converted from the
man-like plain text documentation already in *.c.

2001-09-27  Eli Zaretskii  <>

	* libiberty.texi: (Top level): Add syncodeindex pg.  Add
	@dircategory and @direntry directives.  Add @finalout.
	(many nodes): Lose the next,prev,up pointers on the @nide line.
	(Using, Supplemental Functions, Replacement Functions): Fix
	(Functions): Move around, to allow makeinfo to build the manual
	without next,prev,up pointers in thye node lines.
	(Licenses): Fix typos.

	* index.c, rindex.c, strchr.c, strerror.c, strrchr.c, strstr.c,
	strtol.c, xatexit.c, xexit.c, xmalloc.c: Fix spelling and markup.
	* functions.texi: Regenerate.

	* copying-lib.texi: Lose the next,prev,up pointers on the @node

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