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Re: libiberty docs are in

> > It is not built by default; do "make info" or "make dvi" to build
> > it.
> Can we please have this annoyance go away?

It is only temporary.  In case there were bugs, I didn't want to
burden everyone all at once.  When it's proven stable, I'll add it to
the default rules.

> > Please
> > report any problems to me (and the usual places, of course ;)
> I hope the CC list in your original message lists all the ``usual
> places'' I need to send this to.

Yup.  I've put a query in to find out what the approved canonical
address should be, too.

> Isn't it better to use "@set thedate SOMETHING", and then just use
> @value{thedate} in all the places?


> I don't recommend using the full @node lines, like this:
>     @node Using,Overview,Top,Top

I couldn't get the auto-node logic to work right in all places.  If
you can, that's good!

> This excerpt from functions.texi has a typo in the last line, but
> bsearch.c in the CVS already has the typo fixed.  Did you forget to
> regenerate functions.texi?


> Patches to *.texi (or, where appropriate, to the *.c sources) follow.
> [Repeat after me: "it's ``occurrence'', not ``occurance'' ;-)  May I
> suggest "M-x ispell-comments-and-strings RET"?]

You may, but I was happy to get what was available in place...  :-)

> Index: src/libiberty/libiberty.texi

Changelog entry?

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