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Re: optionally postpone assignment of Common

On Tue, Sep 25, 2001 at 11:57:48AM -0700, John Reiser wrote:
> --- ld.texinfo	2001/09/24 18:35:08	1.51
> +++ ld.texinfo	2001/09/25 18:30:56
> @@ -950,6 +950,13 @@
>  symbol is defined, the first file listed is the location of the
>  definition.  The remaining files contain references to the symbol.
> +@cindex common allocation
> +@kindex --no-define-common
> +@item --no-define-common
> +This option inhibits the assignment of addresses to common symbols.
> +The script command @code{INHIBIT_COMMON_ALLOCATION} has the same effect.
> +@xref{Miscellaneous Commands}.
> +
>  @cindex symbols, from command line
>  @kindex --defsym @var{symbol}=@var{exp}
>  @item --defsym @var{symbol}=@var{expression}
> @@ -2310,6 +2317,13 @@
>  This command has the same effect as the @samp{-d} command-line option:
>  to make @code{ld} assign space to common symbols even if a relocatable
>  output file is specified (@samp{-r}).
> +
> +@cindex common allocation in linker script
> +This command has the same effect as the @samp{--no-define-common}
> +command-line option: to make @code{ld} omit the assignment of addresses
> +to common symbols even for a non-relocatable output file.

Hi John,
  Would you please expand your documentation a little, specifying why
this option might be useful.


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