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Re: ld-auto-import memory bug fixing

Hi Ralf,

> > Err, I do not think that this is quite right.  For example dynamic 
> > sections have their own symbol table, seperate from the normal
> > symbol table.
> How are dynamic sections accessed ?

The same way as any other sections.  Dynamic sections are normal
sections.  It is just that they contain information that is used by
dynamic linkers/loaders to resolve symbols and relocations are load
time instead of link time.

> The result was saving about 16 MB of RAM on compiling a c++ lib with
> about 10000 input bfd (kde2libs/kdeui)

Sounds excellent.

> After applying this I have compiled some kde libs and apps (with the 
> auto-import-options) without errors,
> but I don't know if there are be some side effects. Is a test suite
> for ld available to verify this ?

Indeed there is.  In the ld sources there is a directory called
'testsuite' which contains tests which can be run using a dejagnu /
expect framework.  Tis testsuite can be run by the build target "make
check" in much the same way that gcc can be tested.


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