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850 boot-rom image

---------------------- Forwarded by vincent_lee/Accton on 2001/09/14 11:16
AM ---------------------------

Ian Lance Taylor <> on 2001/09/13 11:51:36 PM


Subject:  Re: none writes:

>      1. I am working on MPC850 target, the follwoing is my memory map.
>           RAM: 0 - 0x3fffff   ROM: 3000000 - 31fffff
>           ROM_TEXT_ADRS: 3000100
>           RAM_LOW_ADRS:  1000
>           RAM_HIGH_ADRS: 2000000
>      2. when I build & link Vxwork_rom based on the map above, I will get
>         a image thru utility 'elftobin'.
>      3. the outcome is an image where data segment located before text
> segment.
>         this image is good for RAM. However, I need a ROM image that can
> programmed
>         thru flash programmer.
>         It seem that the data segment must be duplicated on ROM and copy
> RAM.
>      Am I right?
>      Any tools can move data segments to where I want it to be?

I'm not sure why you are asking me directly.  Please send questions
about the binutils to or

What are you describing is normally handled by the GNU linker with the
AT modifier in a linker script.  See the documentation.


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