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Re: sh-linux patch for 32-bit relative relocation

On Tue, 11 Sep 2001, kaz Kojima wrote:

> --- elf32-sh-lin.c      2000/09/07 04:23:43     1.1
> +#define LINUX_ABI 1

> --- elf32-sh.c	2001/05/23 16:38:36	1.29
> +#if defined(LINUX_ABI)

No, this won't do; no #if:s.  But I'll try and make a honest
attempt to fix this properly (without ifdefs, retaining binary
compatibility with your shlibs and hopefully objects) later this
week, using yours and any other test-cases sent to this list.
If you have other test-cases covering bugs in this area that
your previous test-cases do not cover, please send them too;
assembly code and gas+ld options and descriptions of the bugs.
You can send them directly to me if you prefer that, but I'd
prefer them also to be sent to the list.

Does anybody know whether there's any other system that uses ELF
shlibs on SH?  If none does, we can set the shlib relocs
partial-inplace to "false", which is what your patch does (in

Other maintainers with approval rights for SH, are as always,
free to override.

brgds, H-P

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