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Re: [PATCH] Fix distinction of 32/64bit addresses in MIPS gas

"H . J . Lu" <> writes:
> I think that is ok as long as R_MIPS_64 is not used for o32 binaries.
> Maybe it is time to give a new BFD target for mips64-elf since it does
> represent a different ABI which includes R_MIPS_64. R_MIPS_64 should be
> forbidden for o32 binaries.

I feel I'm missing something here, so sorry if I'm going round in
circles.  I'm just not sure I understand what the problem is.

AFAIK, R_MIPS_64 won't be used unless you have 64-bit addresses (and
hence 64-bit registers), or if you have an explicit pseudo-op like
.8byte.  o32 binaries wouldn't be using either of those things anyway,
would they?

I thought the consensus some time ago was that o32 implied 32-bit
registers, and therefore 32-bit addresses.  The HAVE_??BIT_ macros are
already set up like that as long as you specify -mabi=32 on the command

So AFAICT the current set-up supports what I think of as "o32 binaries"
-- with the appropriate command-line switches -- and it also (hopefully)
supports the more ad-hoc ABIs that were supported by earlier versions.


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