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binutils (cvs) target=m68k-linux giving bad value in ld (-shared)

  I'm trying to create a cross build chain from Linux/Alpha to Linux/68k
but while building gcc I hit a problem in which the cross linker gives the
/m68k-linux-ld: final link failed: Bad value

This happens with the host of both Linux/Alpha and Linux/x86; as an
example I took the .s file gcc generated for crtstuff.c, assembled with

m68k-linux-as dag1.s -o crtstuff.o

and then attempted a link with:

m68k-linux-ld -shared -o crtstuff.o

and get the bad value error.

I've been looking at another example in gdb and found that from
elf_bfd_final_link there is eventually a call to bfd_set_section_contents
and it is the call of that on the '.dynamic' section which causes the

In this case the _raw_size of the segment is 0xf0 and the
_cooked_size=0x78 ; yet the count input to bfd_set_section_contents seems
to be the raw value and there is a comparison between this count and what
I think is the cooked size which is failing.

Suggestions would be welcome (I really don't want to have to try building
things native on a Sun 3/60).

Thanks in advance,

 ---------------- Have a happy GNU millennium! ----------------------   
/ Dr. David Alan Gilbert      | Running GNU/Linux on Alpha, | Happy  \ 
\   gro.gilbert @ | 68K,MIPS,x86,ARM and SPARC  | In Hex /
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