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Re: 2.10.91: A problem with R_MIPS_CALL relocations within gas

2.10.91: Incorrect creation of function stubs by elf32-mips

[committed] binutils/MAINTAINERS: SH maintainers. Fix typos.

Re: [Fwd: first release candidate for 2.10.1]

Re: [Fwd: more on h8300-rtems/coff core dump]

Re: [parisc-linux] Use of the EI_OSABI field

[patch] [rfa] elf32-sh.c: Fix for relaxation testcases

[patch] [rfa] Mark sh xfail for strings test

[patch] aix386-core.c: Fix formatting.

Re: [PATCH] alpha*-*-freebsd* support for BFD

[Patch] Another wimpy patch

[patch] aout-adobe.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/[a-c]*.[ch]: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/a*.[ch]: Fix formatting

[patch] bfd/a*.[ch]: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/aout-*.[ch]: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/arch*.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/b*.[ch]: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/b*.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/b*.h: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/coff-*.c cpu*.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/coff-*.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/coff-[ghi]*.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/coff-[im]*.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/coff-[r-z]*.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/coff-a*.c: FIx formatting.

[patch] bfd/coff-p*.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/cpu-*c.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/d*.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] bfd/xcofflink.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] coff*.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] ecoff*.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] elf32-mips.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] Fix alpha visibility bug

[patch] gas v850 dwarf2

[patch] gas/*.[ch]: Fix formatting.

[patch] gas/config/*.[ch]: Fix formatting.

[patch] gas/config/tc-*.c: Fix formatting.

[patch] gas/input*.[ch]: Fix formatting.

[patch] Instruction packing with debugging for d10v gas

[patch] ld [pei]: Filter off unnecessary symbols from auto-export

[PATCH] ld.1

[patch] ld/scriptempl/h8300* : Fix formatting.

[patch] Print correct output for DW_CFA_same_value

[PATCH] Re: BUG in operator precedence in as

[patch] readelf.c - dump .eh_frame sections

[patch] Swap relocs when using intel syntax in i386 GAS

Re: [patch] vtable garbage-collection correction to selective6

Re: [patch] vtable garbage-collection correction toselective6

[patch] x86-64 merger part1 - elf64-x86-64 support

[patch]: avr port: fix bug in .eeprom segment

[PATCH]: Fix movw/movb operands for 68HC12

[RFA:] Adjust binutils-all/readelf.s to recent readelf.c formatting changes

[RFA:] Comments in elf/common.h about registered EM_* numbers

[RFA:] Compilation warning fixes for sh-dis.c

[RFA:] Compilation warning fixes for tc-sh.c

[RFA:] dg testsuite framework and test-case for sh, gas

[RFA:] gas/ Exclude i860 from CPU_OBJ_VALID aout-case and conditionalize coff-case

[RFA:] tc-sh.c: Recognize register names case-insensitively

[RFA:] tc-sh.c: stabilize frag for erroneous code.

[RFA] Add support for Sun Chorus target

Re: [trivial patch] fix first line of file comment in mips-opc.c

Add GNU Free Documentation License to binutils documents.

Add new ELF constants to common.h

Add support for ARM v5t, v5te architectures and Intel's XScale extensions

Re: alpha bits

alpha-elf mdebug tweeks

Re: another round of h8300-rtems/coff problems

ARM debug_line directives.

arm-elf-as.exe compiler question.

AS bug??

ATTENTION! Well-paid Job in The Internet!!!

Re: binutils and mktemp

binutils-2.10 elf32.em place_orphan merge

binutils-2.10.1 (fwd)

BUG in operator precedence in as

Re: chaos support for GNU binutils

coff linker patch

Comments solicited re --no-undefined problem

RE: committed: cplus-dem.c: Add back ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED for parameter option.

committed: cplus-dem.c: Add back ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED for parameteroption.

crash with --gc-sections

Cross assemble from Linux/alpha to sh-elf

Daily snapshots broken?

dwarf2 lineno fixes

dwarf2dbg.c rewrite

elf symbol visibility in 2.10.1

Re: elf32 support for IA64 (patch 3)

elf32-mips.c changes for ABI conformance

elf64-ia64 broken + patch typo

embedded sparc using -Qy on as invocation

extend ehopt for .debug_frame

Re: first release candidate for 2.10.1

Fix some ld nits.

FYI: Your server is a year behind.

gas bug on Alpha

Re: GAS port to PDP-10

GAS: Have mn10300 backend use dwarf2_generate_asm_lineno

GAS: Preserve copy of case clobber opcodes

GNAT and Java demangler patches installed

GNU source from

an h8300 bug fix that a missed train - binutils-2.10.1

Handle java_demangling?

Have you checked in this patch?

How to modify the value of variable in .o ELF (linux)

I checked in a patch for symver test

i386 .debug_line

i386 debug_line directives

i386-pe partial links

ia64 ABI change, bfd DT_INIT patch

ia64 assembler patch installed

ia64 psABI update

ia64 psABI update, part 2

ia64 unwind sorting fix

Instruction packing with --gstabs for d10v assembler

ld testsuite fix

ld/emultempl/elf32.em place orphan patch for ia64-linux

libiberty/hashtab: Change void * to PTR

libiberty/hashtab: Introduce "failing" memory allocation API

Linker script for H8.

long file name problem with non-PE BFD COFF targets

long name in .file bug

Re: luciano gemme

make info problem in binutils-2.10.1-rc2.tar.bz2

Merge of top-level

Re: more on ARM ELF flag merging

My outstanding MIPS patch submissions.

next Binutils release

Re: next Binutils release (really: IA-64)

objcopy -I ieee

one more h8300 ld -r problem left

A patch for ".symver name,name2@@@nodename"

Patch for --gstabs and packing support in the generic assembler

A patch for bfd/format.c

patch for cgen generated decoders

A patch for common symbol with default version.

A patch for default version and archive

A patch for dwarf2dbg.c

patch for elf32-arm.h `relocation truncated to fit' error

patch for gas error message

A patch for gas/i386/intel testsuite

patch for i386-pe `ld -r' problem

patch for i960 'not a lvalue' bug

Patch for nlmcode.h to show the copyright tag on >=NW4.x

patch for pe place_orphan

Patch to check missing version names

Patch to handle gnat_demangling

Patch to remove confusing warning generated by objcopy -I binary

patch to remove duplicate flag initialization


PPC debug_line support

A problem with AIX gas cross-csect (bl) references

problem with i386-pe partial link

Re: readelf -s and -S testsuite cleanups.

readelf .debug_line fix

Revert my missing version name check patch.

RFA: Add *-storm-chaos to config.sub

RFA: Add xscale machine to config.sub

Re: S390 gdb patches

Search more library dirs with --enable-shared

SH assembler would crash on `mov.w r0, @(#, gbr)'

SPARC debug_line omission

SPARC debug_line support

Strange DLL linking problem (Windows)

Re: struct gmon_cg_arc_record

A symbol version patch for glibc 2.x compatibility

Testcases for .file and .loc?

Tests for .symver (Re: A patch for ".symver name,name2@@@nodename")

Update readelf to know about the new ELF constants

Warning in elf32-sh.c

weak symbols in COFF assembler

Where to send larger patches?

x86-64 merger part2 - ld support

XScale simulator and newlib support added.

YAH8LP (Yet another H8 Ld Problem :)

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