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Re: $(build_tooldir)/lib (was Re:

There are certainly differences in the build process.  HJ doesn't like to use
the --with-headers= and --with-libs= options that we recommend.  I believe he
prefers to build gcc and glibc at the same time, kind of like we do with
newlib, but a lot more complicated.

If we are to make any progress on this, H.J. has to document his build process
sufficiently for others to reproduce it.  The last time I asked this question,
H.J. reported what gcc configure command he was using, but didn't explain
where binutils came from, or where glibc came from.  I haven't tried using
his gcc configure command, but perhaps there was enough info there if someone
has time to try it.  See

I suspect that the real problem might be at configuration time.  HJ tends to
use a lot of configure options that we don't use.  HJ uses --enable-shared a
lot more often than we do.  Perhaps he built and installed a shared library in
$tooldir/lib and needs a -B option pointing there so that the shared library
will be found?


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