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binutils installation patch for cross-compiling

The attached patch fixes a problem where
cross-compiling binutils from Unix targetting Mingw32
causes the cross tools to be installed with the ".exe"
file extension instead of no file extension at all
(i.e. i386-mingw-size.exe instead of

With the configure command line options of:
--target=i386-mingw32 --host=i586-pc-linux-gnu
--build=i586-pc-linux-gnu, opcodes/configure was
passing "target" to ltconfig as "host" and ltconfig
thought the ".exe" was required because Mingw32 was
being targetted.  The patch passes "host" to ltconfig
in addition to "target" and ltconfig was changed to
make sure "target" *and* "host" were platforms which
required the ".exe" file extension.

Here is my attempt at a ChangeLog entry:

2000-07-20  Tom Williams   <>
	* configure (call to ../ltconfig): Changed call to
	to set a new environment variable, "CROSSHOST", to
	../ltconfig in determing the proper file extension
for the
	bintuils programs when cross compiling and targetting
a Win32

The patch is attached in GNU tar/GZip format.



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