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Re: 3 testsuite failures under hpux 10.20

On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, John David Anglin wrote:

> Any luck in fixing the reduce.s bug?

I haven't had time yet, David.  Too busy working on shared lib support for

>  I would guess the problem was
> introduced in the last month or so since the version that I built
> on June 17 passes this test.

Hmm, that probably means it's something I broke, most likely when cleaning
up the code that handles arg relocs.  :-(  I'll have a look today, since
it seems likely I'm to blame.

>  However, I am puzzled why the other
> two didn't show up before.  The strings test was fixed for a problem
> similar to the line separator bug in June.

The strings test is relatively new, and the fix I checked in wasn't done
because I'd run the testsuite for SOM - It was more a case of noticing the
error by looking at the source.  It's unfortunate that hppa SOM support
in binutils needs HP-UX to compile...  Anyway, I now have access to a
HP-UX box, but I need to compile a few gnu packages, dejagnu at least,
before I can use it to painlessly run the testsuite.

Linuxcare.  Support for the Revolution.

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